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AMV TritioAFB — Tritium 1.0: In Crescendo

AMV TritioAFB — Tritium 1.0: In Crescendo

голосов: 110
Категория: Видео, АМВ, АМВ ПОП
Теги: АМВ, музыкальное видео
Просмотров: 1828
Клип участник конкурса AKROSS Con 2012
Hello again and welcome for this video.
Special for the AKROSS Con 2012, I run into many problems to finish this clip, but it was worthy the time to see it finally done. Now what about this video? I got an appreciation for the anime Bleach, but the idea of just making a video with only Bleach wasn't enough attractive considering the several clips about the anime. Then why not doing a crossover between Ichigo and other series where he could meet with other characters?
Normally for this kind of project I count with the help of testers, but this time it was impossible. So I could only count with a few until the very last minutes of the video. Still liked the result
Special thanks to the testers Squall, Kuruta and the editor CreedBand. It was time to see you back in the edition buddy!

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